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Leading as a team is key. We are a Pastor from the reformed church, a business guy and one of co-funders of the school here. As the leadership of MC, are part of the jahu community leadership and receive input from them for our leading and coaching. So, we are very immersed in this community we live in.


In addition to the leadership, we have 6 wonderful interns who were students during the last year. They help to manage the day-to-day MC life, support in coaching the class, organize events and fill the big office with a lot of life.




The jahu Community is an ecumenism-focused, independent part of the protestant state church of Switzerland. jahu started back in 1974 with twelve teenagers and a local Pastor. He invited them to the confirmation summer camp, where these tough teenagers had an encounter with God. To have a place to meet as a newly formed youth group, they rented a house using their salaries from their apprenticeships. The house belonged to a teacher called Mr. Jaberg. Because the youth group met at Jaberg’s house, they started to call themselves the “jahu” youth group.

From the start, the call to serve in all spheres of life was present. We all invested time and energy to be equipped and trained for the ministry in the world. We visited discipleship schools, started various courses ourselves, had a dance crew which toured, a rock band, a café and many other initiatives.

In the 90’s, we founded an institute for Bible-based life reformation, with a strategic life training school and a business track. In these years, we also started a private school which now more than 100 students.

In 2007, we could move to a bigger facility where our church services, offices, workplaces, apartments, and the school are all at one place. This is an expression of our belief that faith touches every sphere of life.

Recently, we founded the Study Center for Faith and Society at the University of Fribourg. Next to many other things, the Study Center organizes annual “Study Days,” inviting the leading experts in theology from all denominations to speak about current issues.




Master’s Commission Switzerland was founded in 2003 by the Flurys. Some years before, we had another Master’s Commission class visit our community to help us to create momentum in our youth work. When the community saw the fruits in the lives of these young students, we unanimously said, “we want Master’s Commission in Switzerland.”

We all prayed, and the Flurys started the process, wrote a lot of papers, put together a team, and started the first MC Class in ‘03 (Fun fact: One of the students from that year is now in the leadership). Since then, the program has evolved from year to year, always adapting to the challenges of the times and to the speaking of the Spirit.





Master’s Commission
Portstrasse 28
2503 Biel


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